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A Welcome Home - Long-term Care Campaign

Quality of life takes on different meanings over time. For people requiring residential long-term care, the definition encompasses housing featuring respect, privacy, choice, and dignity plus encouragement to remain as mobile, independent and intellectually engaged as possible. These values have been incorporated into plans to build homes with a more personal, individualized style of long-term care in Swift Current.

‘A Welcome Home Campaign’ is potentially the largest single undertaking by the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation. We feel that the new homes for long-term care will serve the needs of long-term care residents for generations to come, and as such deserve to be equipped to the best of our ability.

‘A Welcome Home Campaign’ enables donors to support the development of the positive living experience envisioned by the Cypress Health Region. This campaign will raise funds towards furnishing and equipping the 22 new homes and adjacent common areas. Advancing the Foundation’s mandate to improve the quality and availability of healthcare for people in Saskatchewan’s great Southwest.

Twenty-two new long-term care homes will support 225 people who have dedicated most of their lives to building the community that we enjoy. These residents need a place to live -- bright rooms with comfy furniture and equipment to provide personalized daily care. These homes will offer the features we count on for our comfort: accessible kitchens, spacious living and dining areas, as well as areas to enjoy outdoor and neighbourhood activities.

More than just a building, a loving home-like environment will create the greatest quality of life for current residents and offer hope for those looking toward their own future or that of a loved one.

The era of “one size fits all” care has ended. The future of long-term care focuses on individual respect and dignity, emphasizing flexibility and options.

Long-term care residents will have choices in their activities and interactions, including private spaces and times. Residents may take part in a range of activities depending upon their interests, tastes, and moods. No longer will they be required to join mandatory group activities or comply with an institutional schedule. Instead, they will make choices -- just as they have throughout their adult lives. This enhanced quality of life fosters independence, greater ability to interact and function in safe surroundings, and results in fewer falls and less need for medication.

Health care will remain a priority. Direct access to the Cypress Regional Hospital will substantially increase access to emergency services and improve quality of care.

These homes combine public and private spaces, places to come together as a community and places to enjoy solitude and privacy.

Comfort, privacy, safety, and access combine in bathrooms with private showers and relaxing spa rooms with tubs.

Bedrooms will contain specialized beds, nightstands, armoires, and wardrobes, plus equipment to ensure the safety of residents. Loving couples may have access to adjoining rooms.

With outdoor courtyard space, residents can interact with their neighbours. Thanks to its location, near two elementary schools, children and students will play a part in daily life through activities like “adopt a grandparent,” reading programs, musical recitals, and special concerts. Additional opportunities to enjoy community activities will open up with the City of Swift Current’s proposed integrated facility.

One house, dedicated to compassionate palliative and hospice care, will welcome up to fifteen people from the community or hospital with space for family members to participate in the care of a loved one.

Accessible kitchens and dining rooms in each home will allow able residents and family members to take part in preparing meals. Varying counter heights and seating arrangements will accommodate walkers and wheelchairs. Being able to help with daily tasks gives residents a feeling of belonging and purpose -- a revolutionary change from traditional institutions or facilities.

Activity rooms will offer a variety of group activities, community engagement, and stimulating classes – for residents who wish to participate. Additional spaces can host small family gatherings or larger group functions. Those seeking calm and quiet spaces will enjoy the Zen rooms. Each home will be furnished and equipped with safety and resident quality of life in mind. Large windows will offer natural light and scenic views. Outdoor patios with barbecues and planter beds enable residents to enjoy their favourite summertime activities.

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