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CHR Employee Lottery Purchases

The CHR Employee Lottery is a great way for employees of the health region to possibly win some cash!  It's also a great way to raise money to purchase equipment for our healthcare facilities!  One of those purchases funded by the CHR Employee Lottery is a pair of Broda chairs for the Foyer St. Joseph in Ponteix.  For those who may not know, Broda Chairs are very comfortable, allowing for easy repositioning while the long term care patient is in the chair.  It decreases pressure areas to pressure points which also decreases the potential for skin breakdown due to less boney prominences.  Essentially, a Broda chair allows for increased comfort for our Long Term Care Residents that have decreased mobility. Thank you to all who participate in the CHR Employee Lottery!  You are making purchases like this possible, increasing the quality (and comfort) of healthcare available.

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