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Keeping Healthcare Strong in Shaunavon

The Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation has initiated a fundraising campaign for Shaunavon Hospital Laboratory.  A letter has been mailed out to residents in Shaunavon and the surrounding communities.  New equipment is necessary, your help is vital.  Please consider contributing to this campaign today.  Call 306-778-3314.   The following is the text of the letter we sent:

One of the pillars of any “strong” community is its ability to offer quality healthcare.   Recruiting and retaining Doctors becomes a major part of that ability to supply, and the establishment of the Collaborative Emergency Centre (CEC) was a major step toward Doctor retention in Shaunavon.   The next step is to ensure all healthcare providers, working within the Hospital and Care Center, have the equipment needed to ensure their clients receive timely and accurate healthcare service.
With this in mind, a number of equipment pieces have been identified as being necessary to ensure the laboratory at the Shaunavon Hospital and Care Center can continue to support the healthcare practitioners and staff.  Specifically, the hospital requires equipment updates to their Laboratory costing $45,000.00.

Tammy Mason – Regional Lab Manager for the Cypress Health Region states:

 “The lab in Shaunavon does basic laboratory testing for approximately 3,000 to 3,500 clients per year.   The equipment we have allows for this basic assessment, however, lab results often need to be referred to Swift Current or Regina as determined by the client’s physician and newer technology will allow for better service for our residents.   For example:

The Piccolo is an ideal solution for small hospital laboratories that can be used to support the efforts of the CEC program.   It is a small clinical chemistry system that provides the lab accurate blood chemistry analysis which in turn will allow the CEC staff to make treatment recommendations.

A new technology Hematology Analyzer connects our lab with the Cypress Regional Hospital via the computer network.   This means lab results we produce in Shaunavon can be electronically forwarded and reviewed in Swift Current and eventually further as deemed appropriate, saving the client from having to attend those facilities for additional testing.  Previous equipment did not have this capability; meaning lab testing was often repeated resulting in potential treatment delays.  The need for the Hematology Analyzer was such that it has already been placed in the Lab in Shaunavon.

The Centrifuge we have is reaching the end of its life expectancy.  Replacing it is crucial, as all labs require a centrifuge to process their samples. “

The Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation is charged with gathering funds to “improve the quality and availability of healthcare for all residents of Southwest Saskatchewan”.

This laboratory equipment has been identified as being much needed for the Shaunavon Hospital and Care Center, and we have committed to gathering funds to ensure the improvements can be made by May 1, 2014.   We are asking you to consider a tax eligible donation of at least $50 per household towards the purchase of this new equipment.  Please help us to continue to provide a high level of healthcare service for Shaunavon.

Once again, your support is needed, call 306-778-3314 or mail us your gift  to:

2051 Saskatchewan Drive, Swift Current, SK, S9H 0X6

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