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Ribbon cutting officially opens covered walkway

An event was held at the Cypress Regional Hospital on March 22 to formally recognize the completion of the new covered walkway project and the financial contributions from the estate of the late Ms. Jessie Alberta Grant.

The Dr. Noble Regional Healthcare Foundation and Cypress Health Region joined estate and patient/family committee representatives in a ribbon cutting ceremony. In addition, a window etching was revealed within the walkway that will permanently acknowledge the financial contribution of the late Ms. Jessie Grant, and her influence in improving access to the regional hospital.

The project's completion was another example of the great partnership that exists between the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation and the Cypress Health Region, as both organizations strive to keep the best interests of patients in mind in improving health care services in the southwest.

"With the support of the late Ms. Jesse Alberta Grant, the Foundation has been able to fund the costs associated with the construction of a covered walkway leading into the Cypress Regional Hospital," stated Clay Thompson, Executive Director for the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation. "The last several days are a reminder that Mother Nature can be cruel at times and as a visit to the hospital should never be a challenge, and the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation is very proud that we have been able to make that journey a bit easier for all visitors to the Cypress Regional Hospital."

Gloria Illerbrun, Cypress Health's Executive Director of Health Services, brought greetings from the health region and she recognized the involvement of several patient/family representatives during the planning processes.

"Cypress Health firmly believes in the patient first approach and the participation of our patient/family reps in this construction project is a prime example of that," said Illerbrun. "From the eyes of patients and visitors, these reps offered their feedback on such items as the type of flooring within the walkway, the availability of chairs and wheelchairs close to the doors, availability of handrails, and the slope of the walkway leading into the hospital. All of these were taken into consideration and have become part of the final design, which is of great benefit to those entering our facility."

Illerbrun added her gratitude to the estate of Ms. Grant, the Foundation, and to the contractors for their quality work in completing the structure. "The walkway design is very complimentary to the existing look of the Hospital's front area, and it provides a tremendous benefit to our patients and visitors. We are very grateful."

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