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CHR Employee Lottery Making a Difference

CHR Employee Lottery proceeds making a difference!    This new dishwasher was recently installed in the Cypress Regional Hospital with proceeds from the lottery.  It is amazing!  It has a 3 minute capacity to wash, clean, and sanitize dishes.  3 minutes!  Of course when it does them this fast, it means it is capable of doing up to 300 loads per day if necessary.  Plus it does sanitize the dishes, with temperatures of 180 degrees, keeping patients and staff safe!  It is also fairly compact, and it uses less water and less soap etc…. to get the job done!  This extremely efficient addition to the kitchen at Cypress Regional Hospital has been purchased with proceeds from the CHR Employee Lottery.  Giving CHR Employees a chance to win $1000 every payday, and giving back to our facilities in the Cypress Health Region.

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