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Shaunavon CU and Co-op Support Hospital Lab Project


The project has been ongoing since the end of February, but Monday May 26th, the Shaunavon Credit Union and the Shaunavon Co-op added their support in a push to reach the goal!  The Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation is raising funds to update the Shaunavon Hospital Lab with some essential medical equipment.  The total price for this update is about $45,000.  On Monday, the Shaunavon Co-op and Shaunavon Credit Union announced that they would each participate in a matching donations program.  They will each match dollar for dollar donations made by the public up to a maximum of $10,000 each, or $20,000 combined.  That means if you make a donation, they will each match it.  Essentially it is a 3 for 1 deal in support of healthcare in Shaunavon and surrounding areas.  Plus, now you can make your donation at the Shaunavon Credit Union!  Thank you for your support!  Please donate today to Keep Healthcare Strong in Shaunavon!


Pictured: Chuck Gartner, General Manager, Shaunavon Credit Union (left) andRon Volden, Director, Shaunavon Co-op (right) present cheques to Clay Thompson, Executive Director, Dr. Nobler Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation

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