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CHR Employee Lottery Supports Leader

Throughout the year, we are able to purchase much needed equipment for the medical facilities in the Cypress Health Region with proceeds from the CHR Employee Lottery.  This time the purchase is for the Western Senior Citizens Home in Leader, who needed a new laundry team to support the facility.  This new commercial grade washer and dryer will be able to clean on average 25 - 30 loads of laundry per day, doing the laundry for the Leader Hospital, Western Senior Citizens Home, Leader Ambulance and the Primary Health Care Clinic.  It is expected that the laundry in Leader will serve approximately 15,330 clients per year!  This new equipment is more energy and cost efficient!  Plus, a laundry system that is working properly helps to reduce certain microorganisms on linens and clothing and can help meet infection control measures when needed.  The new machines are also quieter, reducing noise levels in the home.  The participation of CHR Employees in the lottery will benefit many residents and patients in Leader for many years to come.

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