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MacBean Tessem Donation Kicks off Maternity Campaign

The Partners of MacBean Tessem law firm, have generously donated to the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation, the sum of $10,000. This generous donation will be the first put towards a campaign aimed at replacing some old equipment in the maternity ward of Cypress Regional Hospital, as well as purchasing some additional equipment. The campaign will be ongoing throughout most of the second half of 2017, culminating with Radiothon.

The Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation, thanks the Partners of MacBean Tessem for their gift and for their support of our community. Together we are Keeping Healthcare Strong in southwest Saskatchewan.

Pictured from Right to Left: Foundation Executive Director Clay Thompson, and representing MacBean Tessem -

G. Foster Tessem, Jakob D. Wiebe, Ryan J Henderson, Logan L. Spearing

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