Successful Start To Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Radiology Campaign

The Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation is busy with its next campaign to raise money for a new digital radiology system in Cabri.

Thanks to a few generous donations the campaign just kicked off and they have already raised $60,000.

Both the Lions Club of Cabri and the town itself each donated $25,000 and $10,000 came from the RM of Riverside. The major sponsor for the Cabri Lion’s Club farming project is SWT and that is where the majority of the donation is coming from.

Executive Director with the Dr. Noble Irwin Foundation, Jim Dekowny details the importance of the campaign.

“Knowing the Sask Health Authority and their goals of keeping people closer to home and making sure they are looked after in their areas of the province. I think this is a big thing for Cabri and a big thing for the Cabri community and surrounding areas.

In regards to the RM of Riverside donating, Dekowny says that Cabri is not just Cabri but the surrounding area as well and he hopes that this donation inspires other RM’s to come forward.

The Dr. Noble Irwin Foundation has joined forces with the Cabri Hospital Auxiliary on this campaign and Dekowny says they have been a huge asset.

Colleen Wallis, president of the auxiliary says that Cabri no longer has a hospital as it is now a long-term care home that has a lab and various machines such as the x-ray machine they are raising money to replace. The current machine still uses film and so there is a dire need to get an updated digital x-ray machine.

Wallis stresses the importance of the new x-ray machine to the town.

“We thought to keep the healthcare center viable, keep the clinic viable and keep the community alive, we needed to get this x-ray machine just to make it a hub where people can come from the area.”

Wallis adds that the Cabri clinic draws people from Pennant all the way up to Lancer

The hospital auxiliary is no stranger to raising large funds as they were able to raise $100,000 for a handi-van in just eight months.

We have already raised $60,000 and the letter has not even gone out to residents yet says, Wallis. She hopes that when this happens they will continue to grow towards their $250,000 goal to purchase the new digital radiology system.

Source: Swift Current Online