What is Digital Cell Imaging?

The Cypress Regional Hospital needs equipment upgrades in the Laboratory department, specifically new Cell Imaging Technology. The task of completing peripheral blood smears (differentials) as part of a Complete Blood Count (CBC) remains a key part of Laboratory operations. Differential tests measure the amount of each type of white blood cell that you have in your body. This test is used to diagnose a variety of medical conditions including autoimmune diseases, anemia, leukemia, and other types of cancer.


The Laboratory in the Cypress Regional Hospital currently performs differentials manually. Performing cell differentials using manual microscopy is a laborious and time-consuming procedure that is highly dependent on the availability of experienced personnel. Differentials made at CRH that show signs of abnormality are referred to Regina or Saskatoon’s Hematology department to perform differential slide reviews through transportation of patient glass slides; this process has a turnaround time of 2-4 days.

By using updated technology, we can reduce sample review time by over 50%. This technology is also connected to remote review software, connecting the CRH to Regina and Saskatoon. This means slides showing abnormalities can be accessed and reviewed remotely by Hematopathologists in Saskatoon or Regina with no turnover time. Digital cell imaging can substantially improve patient care by cutting turnaround times by over 90% with the immediate transmission of images vs manual transportation of glass slides. This more efficient process makes it possible for our laboratory to take on a greater volume of samples and make more efficient use of skilled staff. The Foundation is looking to raise $30,000 to purchase this vital piece of equipment.