In Memoriam: A Lasting Tribute

Losing a loved one is difficult. We want to hang on to them, to keep their memories alive. We want to honour them in a meaningful way. We want to leave a mark in their name that will possibly improve life, or quality of life, for others.

The Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation has been working with the community for 20 years to help Keep Local Healthcare Strong. Through donations given to the Foundation, we have been able to assist healthcare providers, making sure that they have the equipment necessary to provide the best possible care. It is a process that is never ending with the ever-changing technology, and the fact that medical equipment wears out from continuous use.

An In -Memorial gift is given as a sign of respect for the recently deceased, essentially a Tribute to his or her life. By choosing to have In-Memorial gifts made to the Foundation to honour the loss of your loved one, you will be helping to ensure that healthcare providers have the tools they need. If you have a specific department, or facility that you would like these gifts to go towards, we will work with you to make sure that your wishes are met. If you don’t have a specific wish, we will make sure that the gifts received will go towards the greatest need we are tasked with.

Providing we have the proper contact information, In-Memorial gifts will be acknowledged with a Thank you note and an Official Taxation Receipt. Further we will send the family or estate representatives notification that we have received gifts In-Memory, allowing you the opportunity to thank those that choose to recognize the deceased by making a Tribute gift in his or her memory.

Losing a loved one is difficult, please consider paying tribute to their life and leaving a legacy in their name by helping the healthcare needs of the residents and the community where they were known and loved. Please consider having the In-Memorial gifts directed to the Dr Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation.