Mission, Vision, Values

Prior to the establishment of the Dr Noble Irwin Healthcare Foundation Inc. in 1999, healthcare related donations were contributed through the hospital to the Swift Current Health District.

Similar arrangements were in place throughout the various healthcare facilities and Health Districts that were operated throughout the south west at that time.

In the late 1990s a group of concerned and dedicated citizens felt that a Foundation was required that could “centralize” the gathering of donations and work strictly toward generating donations to be used in healthcare related activities.

On March 29, 1999, the Dr Noble Irwin Healthcare Foundation Inc was established. An Administrator was hired and almost immediately, projects were undertaken to raise money for needed equipment – Dialysis machines, Heart monitors, Ventilators and much more – was funded and installed in the Swift Current Hospital.

In 2003, with the realignment of Health Districts into the Cypress Health Region, the Foundation entered into an agreement with the Cypress Health Region to undertake the work of the Foundation throughout the entire Health Region.

Vision Statement

Assist our Partners toward a higher level of health care excellence.

Mission Statement

The Dr Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation Inc. exists to raise, administer and disburse funds to improve the quality and availability of healthcare for all residents living in Southwest Saskatchewan.

Core Values

  • Show Integrity: We are forthright and trustworthy in all dealings
  • Be Accountable: We take responsibility for our actions and delivery of results
  • Be Innovative: We adapt and adopt best practices in strengthening our commitment to fundraising excellence


Our goal is to be seen as the “Charity of Choice” as it applies to healthcare donations within the Southwest. To accomplish this, we must:

  1. Communicate
    • Aggressively promote Foundation activities and accomplishments
    • Consistently acknowledge Donor participation in a positive & respectful manner
    • Establish as effective method of keeping our name “front & center” within the communities we serve.
  2. Educate
    • Establish clear and concise goals for each and every year
    • Ensure our goals are communicated in a clear, consistent and positive manner to make sure Donors understand how their support can and will be used to meet these goals
    • Demonstrate “transparency” and “accountability” and ensure the public understands why these characteristics are important when choosing a registered charity
  3. Innovate
    • Continually review Foundation objectives to ensure they meet the goal of “working towards healthcare excellence”
    • Create/establish marketing plans that will demonstrate a commitment to cause
    • Create/establish Donor Programs designed to “match Donors to Opportunities”
    • Create/establish fundraising projects that are seen as “new” and “fun”
  4. Establish Partnerships
    • Seek out and secure Corporate Partnerships
    • Seek out and secure committed Volunteers
    • Seek out and secure a strong “pipeline of support” designed to create and sustain a reliable Donor base and access to “Major Gifts”
    • Re-affirm the connection with the Cypress Regional Health Authority to ensure our goals and objectives continue to align with theirs
  5. Deliver as promised
    • Establish a protocol to ensure our efforts are meeting Regional health care needs in an effective and measurable manner