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Annual General Meeting

It is always important to have good attendance at the Annual General Meeting of any organization. This year, the AGM of the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation Inc. has special meaning.   We are asking that as many of our Members as possible attend our meeting – April 10th, 2014 - 7PM in the Main Conference Room of the Cypress Regional Hospital.

Who is a Foundation Member?   Current By-Laws define a member as “any person who is committed to moral or financial support of Foundation activities”.   So, if you have supported Foundation activities at any time over our 15 year history, you may be a Member.  As an “active” Member, you have the right to attend our Annual Meeting and we encourage you to come out and help us to shape the future of your Healthcare Foundation.

On this year’s Meeting Agenda, we will be reviewing our 2013 financial results; we will recap our 2013 accomplishments, and we will discuss our plans and goals for 2014 and beyond.   Another key item on this year’s Agenda will be a Motion to consider revised By-Laws for the Foundation.   In 2011, Canada Revenue Agency adopted the Canada Not-for-Profit Act and under the terms of the Act, all Registered Charities in Canada are required to file for “continuance”.   Part of this Continuance Filing process calls for the Charity to renew/update their By-Laws and file these revised/renewed By-Laws with CRA prior to October 14, 2014.   Over the past several months, the Foundation’s Board of Directors have completed a full review/renewal of the existing By-Laws and will be presenting the revised By-Laws to the Membership for consideration.   

We will also be accepting nominations from the floor to fill vacant positions on the Foundation Board of Directors.   With that in mind, if quality healthcare is something you are passionate about and you are prepared to work with like-minded individuals wanting to make improvements to the quality and availability of healthcare in Southwest Saskatchewan we invite you to join us.  You might be surprised at what can be accomplished.  We are always looking for people willing to work with us toward that goal.   Contact the Foundation office for more detail at 306-778-3314.

Finally, as 2014 is our 15th year of service to healthcare in the southwest, we will have a special ceremony to pay tribute to the 1999 ‘Founders’ of the Foundation and to all of those individuals who have served on our Board of Directors during our 15 year history.

Once again, mark April 10th, 2014 - 7PM on your calendar and please R.S.V.P. the Foundation office your attendance by March 31, 2014.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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