Did You Know?

  • The Foundation is an autonomous and volunteer-led organization, the sole purpose of which is to raise funds to help improve the quality of healthcare for the people of Southwest Saskatchewan.
  • The funds raised by the Foundation are primarily directed toward the purchase of equipment and scholarships.
  • The Foundation does not raise operational funds for the Cypress Health Region.
  • Foundation Board Members are volunteers and receive no remuneration for their service.
  • All donations, bequests and in kind gifts for acute, long-term care, home care services and endowments are accepted by the Foundation and, invested as designated by donor.
  • All donations may be designated toward any health facility, service or department of the Donors choice or may be made in support of the Foundations endowment, equipment, or general funds.
  • The Foundation has three endowment funds: the equipment, education, and general endowments.
  • The Foundation will not raise funds for any project or portion of a project which is eligible for government funding, nor will it replace funds that are available for any project through the budget of the Regional Health Authority.
  • The Foundation has invested your donations in significant purchases including dialysis unit, digital mammography suite, cardiac monitoring equipment, Southwest facility lab equipment, CT scan upgrades, ultra sound, equipping the new regional hospital, as well as supporting equipment purchases for the other 19 healthcare facilities.
  • The Foundation also invests in the education, training and upgrading of skills for health care professionals through donations to every health care facility in the Cypress Health Region.
  • The Foundation has five ongoing programs: In Memoriam Giving, Planned Giving, Honouring Our Heritage, Philanthropic and Caring for Generations: Pay It Forward (Endowments): Benefactors, Builders & Patrons. We also accept donations in celebration of birthdays, anniversaries etc.
  • It will take a concerted, ongoing partnership with all sectors of the community of Southwest Saskatchewan to meet existing health care needs and ensure the quality of health care we are entitled to expect will be available when we need it.
  • Many groups and organizations present fundraising activities throughout the year to benefit the Foundation. We are extremely grateful for their support and efforts to help improve the quality of health care for our residents.
  • If it seems the Foundation is always raising money, it is only because we are! In a small sparsely populated area it takes a lot of work to raise millions of dollars. Much of the money raised by the Foundation comes from outside the region and province, and a great deal is generated through bequests. But it is work that directly benefits each and every one of us. Together we can make a difference. All funds raised go towards creating a centre of healthcare excellence in Southwest Saskatchewan.


Telephone us at 306-778-3314 or toll free in Saskatchewan at 1-866-666-6123. Our mailing address and, office is located at 2051 Saskatchewan Drive, Swift Current, SK S9H 0X6. Or you may use our Contact Us form.