General Information

The Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation Inc. recognizes that having properly trained and qualified staff working within the Cypress Health Region is as important to the quality of care being provided, as is having new and/or updated equipment.
The Skills Enrichment Scholarship Program (SESP) will support individuals who are prepared to gather the education and training necessary to impact patient care in Southwest Saskatchewan in a positive way.


While the SESP is intended to support individuals who are either:

  • Currently involved/working in the healthcare industry and wanting to expand their training/knowledge/education or
  • Not currently involved/working in the healthcare industry but wanting to gather the education necessary to get involved in the healthcare industry.
  • Already working within healthcare where a Group Training session can improve/update the skills of the individual through a group training environment,

Within the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation Scholarship program, preference will be given to Applicants for “Non-Degree” programs (certification; seminars; apprenticeship challenges etc.) New applicants looking for financial assistance relative to Graduate or Under Graduate programs are encouraged to apply for funding that is available through the McIntyre Family Foundation scholarship program. Information is available at

Return for Service

As the intent of the SESP is to assist individuals wanting to work within the healthcare industry and support the healthcare needs of the residents of Southwest Saskatchewan, each Approved Applicant will be required to sign a Return for Service Agreement.
By signing this agreement, Approved Applicants will indicate their willingness to utilize the education/skills they obtain within the Cypress Health Region for a minimum of 2 years.

General Procedures

  • An Application Form shall be available for completion by the student/applicant.
  • Applications will be accepted by the Foundation within established Semi-Annual review periods:

    1. For classes starting in September, the application must be dated prior to May 31 of that same year;
    2. For classes starting in January, the application must be dated prior to November 30 of the preceding year.
  • The Scholarship Committee shall review all completed applications received.
  • The Scholarship Committee shall recommend to the Board of Directors the level of support that is to be provided to successful applicants for each particular Semi-Annual session and the maximum disbursal to be considered for that particular SESP Session.
  • The Board of Directors will consider the Committee recommendation and must approve the disbursement amount for each Scholarship session.
  • Foundation Staff will establish a system to monitor and control disbursement of funds as approved by the Board.

Application Form:

The Application Form and completion instructions will be available on the Foundation website.
To ensure Applications receive proper consideration, they must be legible, complete and include all relevant information and supporting documentation.


Scholarship Committee

A Scholarship Committee, which will be appointed by the Board, will assess the validity of applications received, keeping in mind Regional Human Resource needs and what healthcare services would best serve our communities. They will then make a disbursement recommendation to the Board.

A suggested mix for the Scholarship Committee might be:

  • At least 1 person representing the Human Resources Department at CHR
  • At least 1 person representing Great Plains College
  • At least 1 person representing the community (preferably someone who understands scholarships, bursaries and educational processes/procedures)
  • At least 1 person who is prepared to represent “healthcare consumers”
  • At least 1 person representing the Foundation (a Board Member)

How Individual Shcolarships will be funded:

The Skills Enrichment Scholarship Program will be funded by a named endowment – The Lee/Irwin Scholarship Fund.
This Endowment Account generates income that is made available semi-annually to fund the two (2) scholarship disbursement sessions that will be approved each year.
In most instances, assuming there are enough applications to fully utilize the funds available, the Board will approve disbursements to the maximum of available funds.
There may be situations when the Committee may recommend disbursements which exceed funds available. The Board may approve disbursements that exceed available funding, with funds taken from General Donations.
There may be times when a particular Applicant does not fully receive the amount approved for a particular application. In those instances, these unused funds will be transferred to General Donations and made available for Foundation activities which may include alternate scholarship disbursals.

How Group Training requests will be funded:

Dr. Dawood Moola has contributed financial support that has been included in the Education Endowment as outlined above.
As with the Lee/Irwin Fund, this contribution generates annual investment revenue and is available to fund Group Training requests on the basis as outlined below.

Disbursement Protocols:

It would be normal protocol that funds approved for disbursal would not exceed available funding for a particular scholarship session (as outlined above). Therefore the Committee will use the following Disbursement Protocol as a basis for recommending an application for support:

Maximum support available:

  • To an individual application: 50% of eligible expenses to a maximum of $1,500.00 per scholarship session for full time or part time certification/degree programs.
  • To an individual application: 50% of eligible expenses to a maximum of $500.00 per scholarship session for seminars or short term training programs.
  • To a group training initiative: 50% of eligible expenses to a maximum amount of $3,000.00 per scholarship session (Must be a CHR approved group training initiative)


  • In situations where the Applicant has been awarded a scholarship for performance from another group or organization, SESP support will be considered as outlined above to a Maximum of 100% of eligible expenses when combined with the other funding earned.
  • In situations where there is an identified human resource shortage, the Committee may recommend to the Board that an individual application be funded at a higher level of support if it is felt the additional funding might assist CHR recruitment efforts.
  • If, in a particular scholarship session, the number of approved applications does not fully disburse available funding, the Committee could recommend a higher maximum support per Applicant provided the total recommended disbursal amount does not exceed the funds available for disbursement for that session.
    If, in a particular scholarship session, the number of applications approved utilizing this protocol, exceeds available funding, the Committee may recommend:

    1. That the available funding pool be disbursed equally amongst the number of Applicants approved considering the level of support the Applicants requested or
    2. That the Board consider increasing the funding pool to allow for excess support for that SESP session. Should the Committee make this recommendation, they must be able to justify, as part of their recommendation, that the additional support is needed to address current and/or serious human resource concerns within the Health Region.

Program Administration

Foundation staff will be charged with promoting the program, accepting applications for consideration and maintaining a system to monitor the collection of required documentation and the distribution and reporting of disbursed SESP payments.


  • The SESP program will be promoted at every opportunity.
  • All Applications will be reviewed and determined to contain all the necessary and relevant information prior to being presented to the Scholarship Committee for consideration.
  • Successful Applicants will be notified in a timely manner after review and approval for payment.
  • Proper documentation will be obtained to allow for disbursements as follows:
    1. 50% at the time of registration
    2. 50% at the time of completion of studies
  • A Form T4A must be prepared and forwarded for all SESP disbursements prior to the end of February of the year immediately following disbursement in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency requirements.

Policy accepted by the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation board:October 23, 2014