Donation Stories - People who have helped!

Richmound Stretcher

Richmound is a small community west of Fox Valley. The Mayor Brad Miller reached out to the Foundation with help fundraising for a power stretcher for the Richmound EMS team, which his wife Arlene is a part of.

“My name is Arlene and my husband Brad is the Mayor of Richmound where our Richmound EMS team is stationed. We are a team of 4 ladies and Brad must have heard me complain one to many times about how hard it is getting to do manual lifting as statistically our clients are getting heavier, so he started asking around if we could get local support to get a power stretcher. We do a lot of transfers with clients who are not able to bear their weight and the older I get the harder it was for me, I won’t speak for the other ladies. With our manual stretcher it was a one person lift into the ambulance because one of us had to lift up the legs as the other one lifted the full weight. With this new power stretcher we can do a two person lift because the legs fold up with the press of a button. We are so grateful for all the monetary support we have received from our community as well as our neighbouring RM’s we could not have got it otherwise. Thank You as well to Dr Irwin Noble Foundation for your support, greatly appreciated!”

Brian Knight

In October 2020 we had the pleasure of speaking with Brian Knight, a dedicated supporter of the Dr. Noble Irwin Foundation. We asked him what it was about the Foundation that made him donate year after year, he had the following answer.

“It’s very important, I am a senior now, but a very active senior and I donate every chance I get when they have a fundraiser. The facility is one of the best hospitals around and we have to always improve and upgrade and update like you do with everything, but it’s there for our area and a bigger surrounding area for everything we need for examinations or doctor appointments or whatever it may be can be handled by the Swift Current hospital (Cypress Regional Hospital) and save us those long trips to Regina or Saskatoon.”

We also spoke about all the updates in technology that have been happening as of late and how that is affecting the healthcare industry.

“…the technology is always becoming better and more elaborate, we got to keep up with the times. I’m not one that does a lot of cell phone or computer stuff, I’m not into that at my age, but I know how important it is for medical equipment and research for health reasons.”

Brain left us with some final thoughts.

“Don’t hesitate to donate, it’s your life it’s your health it’s family, it’s community, it’s friends and it’s there for us all and we can only keep it bigger and better by promoting, funding and supporting it.”

Thank you Brain for sharing you thoughts with us and your outstanding support throughout the years, we truly appreciate it.

Ron Hegg

Ron Hegg has not only been a life-long supporter of the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation, he also one of the original board members. Ron is always heavily involved with the annual Radiothon. He spoke about this during our conversation in October 2020.

“I usually go out and answer the phone with the Pharmasave staff and even since I’ve retired, I continue to go along with them and help answer the phone and give them some support.”

On what keeps him coming back year after year, Ron had this to say.

“Well the Dr. Noble Irwin Healthcare Foundation is very important for me, I was on the original board and the money that is raised is of course helping the health of the people of Southwest Saskatchewan which is very important to me as I’ve been involved with healthcare mostly all my life and a lot of my family has to. The funds that are acquired are so important for equipment not only for the Regional Hospital but also for the outlying hospitals in the southwest. I urge people to support this foundation Because it serves our most useful purpose.”

While speaking about his history with the Foundation Ron said the following.

“I urge the people to support this project because the Foundation is a very very worthwhile organization in our healthcare system. I can remember when I first started on board at the Foundation it was Dr. Banks that suggested the name of calling it the Dr. Noble Irwin Foundation because of Dr. Noble Irwin’s dedication to his medical practice in the city of Swift Current.”

We thank Ron for taking the time to speak with us and his his continuous support.

Harold Thiessen

Harold Thieseen has been a long time supporter of the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation. We were able to have a conversation with him this October where he shared the reason behind his support.

“We always need healthcare it is an important aspect of our life and we’ve used it quite extensively over the years as well. I feel that the city and surrounding community have made use of the funds and we appreciate the work that they are doing, and I make it a point to support them. ”

Harold also spoke about how important the Cypress Regional Hospital is, not just for the residents of Swift Current, but the surrounding communities as well.

“I think it is a local resource we have here because we want to utilize the local forms as much as possible for an economic reason as well we would like to see that anyone possible will utilize it. This is much closer driving distance for the communities around here as well to use it whenever they possibly can.”

We can’t thank Harold enough for the support that he had show throughout the years.

Wendy Gunderson

In mid June 2018 we received the following from Wendy Gunderson in a letter:

“Dr. Noble Irwin Foundation

I am enclosing a cheque for the sum of $100 in appreciation for the service I received at Swift Current Hospital a couple of weeks ago.

I received an echo cardiogram at that time and I want to let you know that I received excellent care from the admitting desk onward. Everyone I met treated me with respect and kindness. Not only that but all the staff seemed happy with their job and glad to be of service.

I would like my donation to be used for any current medical imaging equipment funding programs you may have in place. If not equipment then perhaps things to make the staff jobs easier?

I appreciate the care provided to the rural areas and am glad I am able to donate to such a worthy cause as your foundation.


Wendy Gunderson
Kyle, Sask.”

Wendy’s donation will be put to use for the new portable x-ray machine that we are looking to fund. Please consider joining Wendy and supporting this purchase.

The Plewis Family

The Plewis name has been synonymous with business in Swift Current and Southwest Saskatchewan for decades. It started off with L.E. Plewis who was affectionately known as ‘Barney.’ He had a trucking and bulk fuel business in Pennant. In 1940 he moved his family to Swift Current and bought Standard Motors, a GM dealership that has been in existence since 1910.

Barney’s son, Leon, joined his dad when he returned from serving his country overseas in World War II.

Leon and his brother Morris bought the Dealership from Barney in 1956, and in 1980, Jim bought the Dealership from dad Leon and his uncle Morris. He ran the Dealership on his own until 2014. Jim’s sons Ryan and Mark are now the fourth generation of the Plewis family to own and operate Standard Motors.

A good business sense was not the only thing that was passed down from generation to generation. As a young boy, Jim learned from his grandpa, Barney, and his dad, Leon, the importance of giving back to his community…… to ‘give where you live’. Our family has called Swift Current home for 5 generations and it is here that we continue to live, work and play.

This donation to the Meadows long-term care facility is a good fit for Pam and Jim. Pam worked her entire professional career as a Registered Nurse in Swift Current. She recognized the need for a place that would meet the needs of our long-term care population while treating them with dignity and respect. A place they can call home.

We believe to whom much is given, much is required. As a family, we feel honoured and blessed to have a hand in building the Meadows.

Dave & Edna Heinrichs Family Duane & Bev Smith Family

We dedicate our donation to the Prairie Pioneer Women whose role in the kitchen supported the growth and development of the Southwest. This role was critical and yet so unrecognized. We hope those who enjoy the meals prepared in these kitchens can feel the gratitude we wish to show these women for their selfless contributions to the Prairie family.

The Heinrichs and Smith families donation has helped to equip kitchens in The Meadows – long-term care.