Cabri Digital X-Ray Fundraiser

The X-Ray room at the Prairie Health-Care Centre in Cabri performs on average 247 x-rays per year. That is 247 people a year in your community that would benefit from having the best equipment available. The new digital machine will perform basic X-ray imaging with improved image quality, instantaneous viewing, and in a more environmentally friendly fashion with no film, cassettes, or chemicals required to render images.

What is Digital Radiology?

Digital radiology is a modern way to obtain x-ray images that captures image data without the use of film or Computed Radiology (CR) cassettes. Instead, Digital radiography uses flat panel detectors, which receives the radiation passing through the patient and converts it into a digital image, which is displayed at a computer workstation in seconds. Digital radiology is the highest technologically advanced way of taking X-rays.

What are the Costs?

This new and upgraded technology is not inexpensive. The campaign to gather the funds and improve the quality of available care has a goal of $200,000.00.   If the cost of this technological upgrade is less than our goal amount, any unused balance will be made available to purchase other needed equipment that will be installed at the Prairie Health-Care Centre. So, all donations made to this campaign will go back into the community of Cabri.

How will this Benefit Cabri?

Digital radiology offers an abundance of benefits to the community, patients, physicians, and technologists.

  1. Patients will no longer have to travel to other facilities to get quality x-rays. This means less driving time, less time off work, less fuel expense, and no more worrying about road conditions
  2. Digital Radiology offers instant X-ray images, which means images can be immediately required and stored digitally and sent to the Saskatchewan Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). This means faster reports from radiologists and faster diagnosis.
  3. It will cut down on in-house wait times. Patients will no longer have to wait between x-ray exposures, this will cut x-ray appointment times in half.

By changing to digital x-ray imaging, images are available within minutes of being completed and can be viewed by radiology immediately for more in-depth interpretation.   With digital x-ray images are available on a provincial system that therefore can be reviewed by multiple providers including specialists to help coordinate care and advise best treatment options.” – Candace Blake, NP at Cabri Clinic

How Can I Help?

Quality healthcare can mean different things to different people to us means being able to have the best equipment available close to home. Presently the x-ray equipment at Prairie Health-Care Centre is outdated and inefficient. To ensure that the people of Cabri have access to fast, high-quality x-ray services, right here in your community we are asking you to help us by making a financial contribution to this project. Contributions can be made through our “donations” page and all gifts received will generate a Charitable Taxation Receipt for the Donor.