Memorial Tribute to Rotary House

Rotary House-The Hon. Jack Wiebe Habitat for Healthcare provides a valuable service for patients travelling in for day surgery in Swift Current or family members visiting a loved one at the Cypress Regional Hospital or neighboring Meadows long term care facility. Since the doors opened to this six bed hospice in 2007 hundreds of guests have stayed at this “home away from home.” One of those families showing their appreciation for Rotary House are the children of the late Harold and Armande Crisp, whose parents both passed away from cancer.

“The last few months of 2019 were slowly getting more painful and Harold entered the new health system. Our friends at the Abbey and Shackleton Hutterite Colonies had been involved in the construction of Rotary House a few years back, so it was with great comfort Don and Denise were able to stay for many nights-We found this to be a HOME. Family and a home were always first priority for Mum and Dad. The staff went beyond their job scope to help us feel relaxed and at peace at a time when Dad was needing us nearby. On December 26, 2019 Dad left us to be greeted by Mum forever in her arms,” stated Don Crisp.

“Now we would like to make a donation to the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation in the amount of $1000.00 in Memory of Harold and Armande Crisp. Knowing that this Foundation will carry on for many years we ask that the residents of the South West and beyond continue to support its’ mandate in any way possible. Our intent is to continue with a yearly donation to this wonderful cause, and help with any FUTURE needs within the foundations goals,” said Don Crisp, Denise & Kelly Bradford and Family.

“Heartfelt donations such as this make our philanthropic work such a pleasure knowing that a small gesture of welcoming out of town guests to Rotary House has made an impact on families,” says Jim Dekowny- Executive Director of the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation. “Guests have the opportunity to relax in a homelike setting at an affordable price while being within walking distance of the Cypress Regional Hospital and the Meadows. And we as hosts are happy to make their stay as comfortable as possible,” added Dekowny.

Rotary House- The Hon. Jack Wiebe Habitat for Healthcare is one of many fundraising initiatives of the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation. For more information or to make a donation in support of Southwest Saskatchewan healthcare, visit our website:

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Go Fund Me Campaign Supports Mental Health Unit

The fundraising continues for Healthcare in Southwest Saskatchewan as the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation has launched a “Go Fund Me Campaign” with proceeds assisting the Mental Health Unit of the Cypress Regional Hospital in Swift Current. The goal of this campaign is set at $ 9,500 and the Foundation is excited to announce The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company is assisting with the launch of this fundraiser.

“We are happy to give a $5,000 donation to the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation to help fund urgent and growing needs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to help kick off the funding for the Mental Health Unit,” says Carla Traill-Community, Sponsorship & Events Coordinator, The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company. “This donation is part of a larger giving campaign at Wawanesa Insurance called Caring Together – an initiative that includes donations to hospital foundations, United Way centres, Canadian Red Cross, and True North Aid, in the places where we work and live,” said Traill.

“We’re pleased to have Wawanesa help us launch this campaign with only $4,500 remaining to reach our goal,” says Jim Dekowny, Executive Director of the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation. “Mental Health is a priority for everyone and an important area of the healthcare services offered at the Cypress Regional Hospital. This is a crucial fundraiser for the health and well being of all residents of our Region, as Mental Health is a fact of life which should be openly discussed and treated with the utmost care and respect for all individuals,” added Dekowny.

Each year, 1 in 5 Canadians will directly experience a mental health problem or illness and this is a reality in Southwest Saskatchewan with the Mental Health Unit at the Cypress Regional Hospital helping clients who are requiring acute/crisis mental health care on a daily basis. Now with increased stressful events such as COVID-19, many individuals can find these situations even more challenging and can result in a higher number of patients admitted to the local hospital. Therefore, as we continue to work together as a community and partners in healthcare across the Southwest, we’re asking for your support in assisting the Mental Health Unit in Swift Current. Donations to the “Go Fund Me Campaign for the Mental Health Unit” are graciously accepted at:

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Thank You Southwest Saskatchewan

Following 12 months of fundraising, the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation is pleased to announce the target of $350,000 has been reached in the “Close to the Heart Digital Mammography” campaign. This fundraising goal has been achieved with the anticipation of a successful “Taste of the Arts” event in Shaunavon when health officials indicate it is safe to do so, with all proceeds from this fundraiser secured for the final touch of concluding the Digital Mammography campaign.

“Donors of all levels have stepped forward to assist with the fundraising for this life saving equipment for the Cypress Regional Hospital in Swift Current. From the initial Kick off Breakfast, Radiothon, Donut Days, to major investments by the Hutterian Colonies and other fundraising partners from across the region, we Thank-You for your support,” says Jim Dekowny Executive Director, Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation.

Additional sources of funding for the new Digital Mammography machine to be recognized include a $20,000 donation from Len and Evelyn Stein, the “G. Murray & Edna Forbes Foundation Fund” which awarded a $10,000 grant through the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation and $5,000 from the Shaunavon Legion Poppy Fund.

Once installed the new digital mammography machine at the Cypress Regional Hospital will benefit all residents of Southwest Saskatchewan, while enabling the early detection of cancerous tumours at a more in depth level and starting treatment of patients in a timely manner.

“The Saskatchewan Health Authority is thrilled to receive the funding for a new digital mammography machine. This machine will ensure that women in the southwest have access to the most up-to-date technology to accurately diagnose breast cancer,” said Patti Shirkey, Director Rural Diagnostic Imaging, Saskatchewan Health Authority.


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EDO Japan Serves Up Financial Support for Digital Mammography

Community support continues to shine through as EDO Japan Swift Current made a generous donation of $500 to the “Close to the Heart Digital Mammography” campaign on May 14. This cheque presentation has been postponed for numerous weeks as COVID-19 has changed everyone’s regular routines and method of doing business. EDO Japan began selling paper hearts as a promotion in their Swift Current location on the Family Day long weekend and the fundraising was halted due to the onset of the pandemic. Dollars donated by patrons were matched equally by EDO Japan with the final tally ringing in at $500.

“We wanted to be a part of this life saving campaign the moment we heard there was a need to upgrade the Digital Mammography Machine at the Cypress Regional Hospital in Swift Current,” says Jules Francisco Owner/Operator EDO Japan Swift Current. “As community stakeholders it’s our duty to support our customers and local residents and healthcare is a priority for everyone,” Francisco added.

“EDO Japan is a valued community partner and we appreciate their efforts in supporting the Digital Mammography campaign,” stated Jim Dekowny, Executive Director of the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation. “The updated digital technology of the new mammography machine will help physicians with earlier detection of cancer and save lives of Southwest Saskatchewan patients. All donations such as the latest from EDO Japan will ensure this new technology is purchased and installed in the coming months at the Cypress Regional Hospital. Thank You Southwest Saskatchewan for your support,” said Dekowny.


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Robynn’s Insurance Financial Group & the Co-operators Support Healthcare

The “Close to the Heart Digital Mammography” campaign received another gracious donation on May 13 as Robynn’s Insurance Financial Group and The Co-operators announced their support of $5 000 to the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation. While adhering to the current practice of social distancing, Robynn Schous and Kim Pierce of Robynn’s Insurance Financial Group presented the cheque to Jim Dekowny, Executive Director of the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation.

“It is important to me to contribute towards the Close to the Heart Campaign because having access to advanced medical equipment locally will help reduce travel expenses and speed up medical prognoses allowing my fellow communitarians the opportunity for quicker and more economic treatment, and as a result, it will hopefully save lives,” says Robynn Schous, Agency Owner/ Insurance Financial Advisor- Robynn’s Insurance Financial Group.

“This latest donation from Robynn’s Insurance Financial Group and The Co-operators helps us get one step closer to purchasing the new digital mammography machine for the Cypress Regional Hospital,” stated Jim Dekowny, Executive Director of the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation. “Thanks to the generosity of residents and businesses around the Southwest, we’re very close to reaching our goal of $350,000 for this life saving equipment.

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You’re Invited to Our 20th AGM


The Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation has a long standing history in Southwest Saskatchewan and thanks to your generous support we’ve raised over 20 Million for healthcare facilities since 1999.  As valued partners in our philanthropic work for healthcare, we invite you to attend our 20th AGM on Thursday May 7, 1:00pm via video conference.

The presentation will include a review of the previous year’s financials and fundraising projects and the election of new members to the Board of Directors.

Please Register In Advance by Email:

All registered attendees will receive the link to the conference and the 20th AGM package by email prior to the meeting. For more information, please call (306)778-3314.


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Our Commitment to Healthcare Continues in Southwest Saskatchewan



These are uncertain times for everyone as new cases of COVID-19 are reported daily across the nation and globally. Now as many of us have regrouped working in isolation from our home offices, we’re all doing our part to help “flatten the curve.”

As other businesses are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic so too are numerous non- profit organizations including the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Regional Healthcare Foundation. “Several fundraisers targeting our “Close to the Heart Digital Mammography Campaign” have been postponed until further notice, leaving us several steps behind in reaching our goal of $350,000 to purchase and install this vital piece of medical equipment for the Cypress Regional Hospital,” says Carol Andrews- Development Officer & Communications Coordinator for the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation. “We value our donors across Southwest Saskatchewan who have supported us through our over 20 year history in the region, and we hope they will continue to walk side by side with us in our philanthropic work. The need for medical equipment and the best technology for our medical personnel is even more crucial in rural Saskatchewan and we humbly ask our partners across the region to kindly consider making a donation to the Foundation to assist us with our work. In addition we as a Foundation are here to assist our local medical personnel with any urgent COVID-19 equipment or other medical supplies they may need in the coming days. We are committed to working together to keep healthcare strong now and into the future for the residents of Southwest Saskatchewan,” said Andrews.

Donations to the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation are accepted on line through E-Transfer/ Credit Card or Call (306) 778-3314.


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Close to the Heart Campaign Kickoff Breakfast

Nearly 200 people, most of them women, were in attendance to hear the message and stories from breast cancer survivors at this morning’s Close to the Heart Digital Mammography Campaign kickoff breakfast. The breakfast was put on by the Foundation as a way to introduce our new campaign and raise funds and awareness to help purchase a new digital mammography unit. The current digital mammography unit at Cypress Regional Hospital is still functioning well and doing its job, but the new unit has ten years of new technology advancements and improvements. (Think of how much your cell phone has improved in that time). The new machine will cost approximately $350,000.00 which will be the focus of many of our events and activities in 2019, culminating with the Pharmasave Radiothon for Healthcare. Please support one of these fun events or simply make a donation. We need your help to save lives. To donate, click on the donate button at the bottom of this page, or call 306-778-3314.

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Portable Digital X-ray Arrives!

The latest addition to the Diagnostic Imaging department at Cypress Regional Hospital has arrived! Last years fund-raising goal for the Pharmasave Radiothon for Healthcare was a Portable Digital X-ray machine, and it is here and in use at CRH. The unit itself is quite remarkable, allowing healthcare providers to take and see x-rays at bedside for patients who are critical or not easily moved, plus it uses less radiation than the old machine and takes clearer pictures. One staff member commented that it is even better than they were hoping for. Thank you for your donation to this cause. Without your support this purchase would not have been possible. Your donated dollars are hard at work at the Cypress Regional Hospital, Keeping Local Healthcare Strong.

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Annual General Meeting April 17, 2019

We had an excellent turnout for our Annual General Meeting, April 17th, at the Cypress Regional Hospital. We welcomed Nora Tinant, Leanne Tuntland Wiebe and Gay Anderson! We also were fortunate enough to have Saskatchewan Health Authority CEO Scott Livingstone join us to speak with the 80 or so people in attendance. A particular highlight of the night was the hospital staff led tours through different departments, highlighting pieces of equipment purchased with funds donated to the Foundation. Click here to see this year’s (or any previous year’s) Annual Report and read more.

Scott Livingstone addresses the meeting.

Dr. Malcolm Banks demonstrates the instruments he uses in eye surgery

One of the new maternity beds purchased from Radiothon gets demonstrated.

Dr Michael Kapusta demonstrates the simulation lab and how it is used to keep medical staff trained and prepared

Dr Kevin Wasko shows the capabilities of the new portable ultrasound and all of the applications it has.

The CT Scanner was the single largest purchase funded by donations to the Foundation, thanks to the estate of Roy H. Blanchard!

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