Dr. Noble Irwin gives nurses a novel night out

The Living Sky Casino was the perfect place to be a healthcare provider yesterday, with wine, cheese, and inspirational speaking from a renowned author making it a night to remember.

The Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation has hosted a nurse appreciation event, with some help from a grant donated by the RBC Foundation. Over 125 people attended the soiree, which featured some classy charcuterie boards, along with perfect pairing wines.

The evening’s entertainment was motivational speaking from an author who has written four books on her philosophy. She is a recipient of the Saskatchewan Women Entrepreneur of the Year award, and a member of the prestigious Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame.

Regina resident Darci Lang has been speaking for 30 years and has often shared her inspiration with Swift Current.


“I believe we have this big imaginary magnifying glass out in front of us in our lives, and we have a choice of what we focus it on, what I call the 90 per cent,” Lang explained. “It’s been a difficult time in healthcare these last few years, there have been a lot of what I call again 10% things we can’t control, and these heroes took care of everybody. Tonight is a celebration of them, recalibrating and refocusing on how amazing they were and getting back to a different kind of normal again.”

A small gift was also given to each attendee; one of Darci Lang’s renowned self-help books, and a plant from Wildflower Florist in Swift Current. The gift bags were presented to the patrons at the end of the evening.

Crystal Imrie, the communications and development coordinator for the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation, helped to make this first-time event a reality.


“It’s been really good; We have about 125 people here, we did open it up to the public but about 90% are still nurses, so we’re really happy to see all of them out,” stated Imrie. “We’re so excited at the foundation to have Darcy come and speak to the nurses and have this opportunity to put this on with the RBC Foundation. There’s never enough time or money it seems to recognize nurses, so we’re so happy we could do this for them.”

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Remarkable Radiothon establishes new record

The Pharmasave Radiothon for Healthcare blew past its goal as support poured in from across the southwest the past two days.

Their goal of $150,000 was eclipsed by a record-setting $172,493 leaving the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation overjoyed.

“It was the hard work of all of our staff to get this put on and it was the hard work and the generous donations from southwestern Saskatchewan that made this happen,” Chris Martens, the executive director of the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation, said. “We blew it [our goal] out of the water.”

Funds raised at this year’s event will help the Swift Current-based non-profit purchase a thulium fibre laser system for the Cypress Regional Hospital. The new piece of equipment will cost $150,000 and will help local physicians including Cypress Health Region Urologist Dr. Garcia.


“I’m really thankful for the effort here to be able to get this technology, there are a lot of benefits for it,” he said. “I will probably be the highest volume user of this technology but there is definitely some applicability outside of urology.”

The two procedures the system will allow Dr. Garcia to improve services on are kidney stones and small bladder tumours. He predicts he treats about 40-50 kidney stone issues per year and about half a dozen bladder tumours annually.

“The laser fibre is very efficient energy to the stone so much more complete destruction of the stone,” he said. “I think it opens the door to tackle larger stones that would typically need to be sent off to the city.”

Donations of all amounts cascaded consistently throughout yesterday and today but were highlighted by two remarkable gifts. Thursday’s was by the Elmgren Estate for $50,000 and earlier this morning Ted Hanlon and the Anluon Foundation contributed $25,000.


“It [the Elmgren donation] really got our Radiothon started off on a strong foot and really set the pace,” he said. “It [the Hanlon donation] really set the pace once again for day two. Our phone lines were constant, our emails kept dinging with donations coming in.”

Swift Current MLA and Saskatchewan Health Minister Everett Hindley applauded the charity for helping the region he represents.

“At some point in each of our lives either ourselves or somebody close to us is going to need to use some of our healthcare services at our local healthcare facility such as in Swift Current and right across southwest Saskatchewan, so it [their work] really does touch all our lives,” Hindley said.

The extra funds raised from the event will be earmarked for a few different projects.


“There are a lot of things that we can certainly utilize that additional funding for,” Martens said. “It will go to a good cause because that’s exactly what the foundation is meant to do get much-needed medical equipment in southwest Saskatchewan.”

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We Care for Healthcare Week promises huge efforts in Swift Current

This week is officially being recognized as ‘We Care for Healthcare’ Week in Swift Current.

‘We Care for Healthcare’ has been running for four years now. The week looks to recognize the work being done by everyone in healthcare, be they doctors and nurses, or the folks raising funds and developing technologies. This year, it runs from October 23 to 29.

The proclamation for ‘We Care for Healthcare’ during last week’s Swift Current city council meeting. Requesting the official certification were members of the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation, including Executive Director Chris Martens.

“Every day the importance of healthcare in our community is put on full display,” said Martens. “With events taking place not only in our community but in the surrounding communities in southwest Saskatchewan and all over the world.”


This week, healthcare is going to be the singular focus of the 15th Annual Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation Radiothon for Healthcare. The Foundation will be engaging in various efforts to raise funds for a new Thulium Fibre Laser System.

“[The Radiothon] is our largest fundraiser of the year,” said Martens. “The Radiothon has raised over $2.75 million and purchased vital equipment for the Cypress Regional Hospital.”

The Laser System fundraising goal is $150,000. Folks interested in helping out with the effort, and making this year’s ‘We Care for Healthcare’ Week a landmark, can click here.


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Dr. Noble Irwin Hosts Nurse’s Night Out

The Living Sky Casino will be the perfect place to be a healthcare provider on November 7, with wine, cheese, and inspirational speaking from a renowned author.

The Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation is hosting a nurse appreciation event. Attendees will be entertained by celebrated motivational speaker Darci Lang.

Crystal Imrie, the communications and development coordinator for the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation, said that the event is to honour healthcare workers and all they do for the community.

“We were lucky enough to receive a grant from the RBC Foundation and they wanted it to be used for a nurse appreciation event,” stated Imrie. “We are bringing in a guest speaker, her name is Darci Lang. She has been speaking for over 30 years and a number of people I’ve spoken to have seen her; she comes with really great reviews.”


The message of Lang’s speaking is to “focus on the 90%”, teaching individuals to pay attention to what they can control and let go of what they can’t. Lang’s presentation is intended to help people develop a kind attitude toward themselves and those they care for.

Lang is going to provide books for patrons to take home, along with a small token from Wildflower Florist.

Tickets are only $15 and are available at the VP Investment Gift Shop at Cypress Regional Hospital.

In response to Canada’s Online News Act and Meta (Facebook and Instagram) removing access to local news from their platforms, Swift Current Online encourages you to get your news directly from your trusted source by bookmarking this page and downloading the Swift Current Online app

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Memorial par three draws over a hundred in third year

They say the third time is the charm, and the day certainly was charmed for those attending the third annual Bob Pollock Memorial Lobster Pot Par 3 Golf Tournament.

The event, named in honour of the late Bob Pollock, honours his memory with a round of golf. Players pay a fee of $125 in order to play a round with everyone else, as well as to secure a lobster dinner at the end of the day.

Helping organize everything was Chris Martens, the executive director for the host Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation.

“Everyone is excited and happy to be here to do their part and to pay tribute to Bob while also in turn helping support the foundation,” said Martens. “It’s been a great turnout with lots of really excited people, on a gorgeous day for golf.”

The proceeds go back into the Foundation, helping them with their efforts and costs as they work to better Sift Current and other southwest communities.

This year, 120 golfers bought tickets for a round on the green. Multiplying the ticket price per golfer, and you get an even figure of $15,000 before any other costs or contributions.

While Pollock was renowned for his love of golf, the lobster side of the event has been added in to add a unique flavour to the day.

“Because it’s lobster. That’s really the ins and outs of it,” said Martens. “It’s a nice place to go and have something a little bit different. It’s a par three tournament, so it’s not quite as long as your typical golf tournament, and the lobster pot just really ties it in nicely at the end.”

The Foundation will need some time to tabulate the final earnings for the day, which they will announce on their channels.

Story courtesy of Swift Current Online – Hayden Micheals


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Cookies for a Cause sees another great year in Swift Current

Cookies can be a force for good!

That is a fact that has been proven by Flatland Foods and the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation (DNIF). Together, these entities partnered to raise money through cookie sales to help fund a new ‘fetal monitor’ for the Maternal and Children’s Unit at the Cypress Regional Hospital.

Sloane Gowan, the owner of Flatland Foods, was thrilled to help out in this effort by selling cookies in the fundraising effort.

“This is our third year doing the ‘Cookies for a Cause’ fundraiser with DNIF,” said Gowan. “We’ve been super lucky to partner with them for this.”

People in and around Swift Current were able to order a batch of cookies for $40 a dozen, with six sugar cookies and six chocolate chip.
“It’s definitely a lot of work, especially when we do chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies,” said Gowan. “All the sugar cookies get individually iced and sprinkled, and that takes a lot of hours, but it’s a fantastic cause and they are a great foundation. They do amazing work in the community and we feel so lucky to be able to work with the DNIF.”

Once the cookies were prepared and packaged, they were delivered to the generous supporters who paid for the sweet treats. After three years, the demand for these delicious batches of altruism only keeps increasing.

After only a day, they managed to sell out of all available cookies.

“It’s so nice to see my baking and my products getting put towards a good cause, and that the people in the community are so supportive of it,” said Sloane.

In total, this year’s ‘Cookies for a Cause’ managed to raise over $2,000 in sales. All those sugary dollars will help to provide additional aid to the unborn in Swift Current and southwest Saskatchewan.
A fetal monitor allows medical professionals to check in on a fetus, measuring the heartbeat of their tiny heart. This new addition allows the Southwest’s largest hospital to provide even greater service to expecting mothers and families.

Flatland Foods has continued to grow in Swift Current in recent years, having won the 2022 SCBEX Award for Home-Based Business of the Year. Gowan was able to accept the award in person, at the award show. This award is proof Gowan’s efforts to serve the community delicious baked goods have been recognized.

Flatland Foods isn’t done yet, either. Gowan has exciting news regarding the future of the business.

“We are actually in the process of opening a bakery space in the city,” shared Gowan. “We’re so excited about that. It’ll be at Walker Place, and will be located in With Love Collective gift shop and we’re kind of working on a cafe and a bakery.”

Submitted by: Hayden Michaels – Swift Current Online

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Generous Supporters of the Radiothon Come Through big for Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation

Strong community support from across southwest Saskatchewan helped the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation to exceed the fundraising goal for the annual Radiothon.

The 2022 Pharmasave Radiothon for Healthcare took place over two days on Oct. 27 and 28 with a goal to raise $150,000 for new medical equipment at Cypress Regional Hospital.

The final total at the end of the live broadcast, which took place from the clubhouse at Elmwood golf course, was $152,600.

These funds will be used to purchase equipment used to insert a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC line) as well as a state-of-the-art blood assessment unit. A PICC line is used for patients that need to receive frequent treatment and medication.

It can be used to administer chemotherapy drugs and other medication, to give blood transfusions, or to take blood samples.

The blood analyzer will make it possible to perform tests during the assessment of bleeding patients and to identify patients at risk of bleeding. The availability of this technology at Cypress Regional Hospital will mean residents from the southwest area will not have to travel to Regina or Saskatoon for treatment.


Article written by: MATTHEW LIEBENBERG of the Prairie Post

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Radiothon Bests Goal in Final Hour

Southwestern Saskatchewan residents and businesses stepped up to the plate the last couple of days helping the Pharmasave Radiothon for Healthcare surpass its goal.

The two-day event raised $152,600 in support of the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation which will use the funds to buy two pieces of equipment.

Jim Dekowny, the executive director of the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation, said it took support for the entire southwest for them to hit their benchmark.

“All the way from Leader to down to Climax over to Maple Creek over to Herbert and everybody in between,” he said. “They all came together today and yesterday and allowed us to complete our mission and goal.”

Ted Hanlon made the largest donation during the event, writing a cheque for $25,000 on Thursday morning to kickstart the fundraising.

The funds raised during the 22-hour broadcast will help the non-profit organization purchase a new peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC Line) and a new blood assessment unit. Both pieces of equipment will be for the Cypress Regional Hospital.

“What this does, is it allows those residents of Swift Current and surrounding communities to be able to access this cutting-edge technology, this top-level healthcare equipment close to home,” said Saskatchewan’s Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, Seniors, and Rural and Remote Health, Everett Hindley.

Swift Current’s MLA noted the foundation is critical for the southwest to help provide the area with equipment the provincial government doesn’t have funding for.

Another local influential healthcare voice shares the same mindset on the importance of the foundation.

“We would be lost without foundations in Saskatchewan,” said SHA Vice-Chairperson Tyler Bragg. “They do such fantastic work raising funds for not only capital but for example the scholarships here in Swift Current.

Bragg from Swift Current joined the SHA board during the COVID-19 pandemic and is taken back by the consistency of support the southwest shows annually for the radiothon.

“Every time I see that total, I’m amazed all over again because over and over people come up to the table and help support a great cause,” he said.

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Rebranding of Pioneer Co-op Rotary House

Two southwest organizations have partnered together for the rebranding of an essential operation in Swift Current.

Now known as the Pioneer Co-op Rotary House, the hostel’s new naming sponsor has collaborated with the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation.

Jim Dekowny, executive director of the healthcare foundation, said the partnership is a good fit for both parties.

“The Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation is a southwest entity and deals with many cities and towns,” Dekowny said. “And I think the Pioneer Co-op does the same, so it’s a nice fit there.”

The establishment was built back in 2007 across from the Cypress Regional Hospital as a place for residents from all over the southwest to stay when visiting Swift Current for medical reasons, whether it be an appointment for themselves or to visit family members.


As part of the rebranding deal, Pioneer Co-operative Association Ltd will be giving a total of $50,000 to the hostel in five installments over five years, with the first $10,000 received last week.

“It’ll be just great for us,” said Dekowny. “The core brand it through the Pioneer Co-op brand throughout the southwest is, it’s big. They have many, many, many members and we’re hoping to tap into those members so that they could use the Pioneer Co-op Rotary House in the in the future.”

The hostel features six bedrooms, two washrooms with showers and one with a half-bath, and a common lounge area.

Guests can stay in a room across the street from the hospital for just $50 per night.

“A huge thank you to Larry Kozun and the Board of Directors at the Co-op for for allowing us to pitch this idea and making it work for the two brands,” Dekowny concluded. “We’re really excited going forward.”

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Radiothon receives boost from Colts and SLC

Students at the Swift Current Comprehensive High School recently banded together to raise a significant amount of money for the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Health Care Foundation’s largest fundraiser.

The Swift Current Comp. Colts football team donated over $3,100 to the Swift Current-based non-profit organization on Saturday with proceeds coming from their October 6 game against the Estevan Elecs.

Part of the funds raised came from gate sales by the Colts, however, the school’s Student Leadership Council (SLC) played a pivotal role in finding other ways during gameday to increase the donation.

“We’re really proud of the student leaders for the event, who worked hard to pull it off after a couple of years of not really having many leadership opportunities in the school at all, then now to do this big fundraiser for such a big cause in the community,” said Mandy Herrick, an advisor with the SLC. “I think that it’s really helped their confidence and their sense of what they’re capable of.”


They set up a donation table, sold raffle tickets, had a canteen selling cotton candy and popcorn, and had a kiss the pig halftime show.

“We had three teachers volunteer,” she said. “People at the game and at the school before the game started put money into the teacher’s container that they wanted to kiss the pig.”

It was a close race on which faculty member had to perform the honours, with Mrs. Bailey’s container containing the highest amount of money.

The Pharmasave Radiothon for Healthcare will be live on the Eagle 94.1, Magic 97.1, CKSW 570, and CJSN 1490 on October 27 & 28 from 6 a.m. until 5 p.m. both days.

The funds raised at this year’s two-day event will be used to buy the Cypress Regional Hospital new technology to insert peripherally inserted central catheter and a blood assessment unit.

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