They say the third time is the charm, and the day certainly was charmed for those attending the third annual Bob Pollock Memorial Lobster Pot Par 3 Golf Tournament.

The event, named in honour of the late Bob Pollock, honours his memory with a round of golf. Players pay a fee of $125 in order to play a round with everyone else, as well as to secure a lobster dinner at the end of the day.

Helping organize everything was Chris Martens, the executive director for the host Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation.

“Everyone is excited and happy to be here to do their part and to pay tribute to Bob while also in turn helping support the foundation,” said Martens. “It’s been a great turnout with lots of really excited people, on a gorgeous day for golf.”

The proceeds go back into the Foundation, helping them with their efforts and costs as they work to better Sift Current and other southwest communities.

This year, 120 golfers bought tickets for a round on the green. Multiplying the ticket price per golfer, and you get an even figure of $15,000 before any other costs or contributions.

While Pollock was renowned for his love of golf, the lobster side of the event has been added in to add a unique flavour to the day.

“Because it’s lobster. That’s really the ins and outs of it,” said Martens. “It’s a nice place to go and have something a little bit different. It’s a par three tournament, so it’s not quite as long as your typical golf tournament, and the lobster pot just really ties it in nicely at the end.”

The Foundation will need some time to tabulate the final earnings for the day, which they will announce on their channels.

Story courtesy of Swift Current Online – Hayden Micheals