Dr. Noble Irwin Healthcare Foundation and Great Plains College Partner for Chase The Ace

Chase The Ace is back thanks to a partnership between The Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation and Great Plains College.

Tickets will be available online starting January 13th and due to the partnership, the lottery will reach a wider audience as Jim Dekowny Executive Director of the Foundation explains.

“Great Plains College has many colleges throughout all of Saskatchewan so it’s not just a south west lottery but the whole province.”

Dekowny adds that he thinks the partnership will help to drive sales and get the jackpot up while increasing excitement throughout the south west and the province as a whole.

The foundation had run this lottery in the past, however, they wanted to try it again as Dekowny details.

“I wanted to try it again and see if we could gain that big payout and multi-million dollar things. It all goes to a good cause, it all goes to equipment for doctors in the south west, our portion.

Dekowny adds that Great Plains College will be using their portion towards student scholarships.

Chase the Ace is a progressive-style lottery where 20% of the weekly ticket sales goes towards the winner whose name is drawn, 30% of the weekly sales goes to the jackpot, and the foundation and college will share the remaining 50% of weekly ticket sales. Each week’s raffle winner whose name is drawn will also pick an envelope number that will have a playing card in it and they will win the accumulated jackpot if the ace of spades is drawn. If the ace of spades is not drawn, the playing card will be removed and the jackpot rolls over to the following week.

The first draw will take place on January 21. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, ticket purchasers will not be able to attend the weekly draw in person but are encouraged to follow the updates and watch the weekly live draw on the organizations’ “Chase the Ace for Health & Education” Facebook page.

Weekly lottery draws will take place Thursday afternoons at 4 pm at the Foundation office. The Living Sky Casino has signed on as the presenting sponsor for Chase The Ace and once they open again, weekly draws will begin to take place there.

Individual tickets are available for $10.00 apiece or multiple tickets can be purchased at 10 for $25.00 or 50 for $50.00. The jackpot will begin at $2,000.

Source: Swift Current Online